Mohun Bagan Ratna

The list of recipients of the Mohun Bagan Ratna :

Padma Shri Sailen Manna
Sailendra Nath Manna (1 September 1924 – 27 February 2012), known popularly as Sailen Manna, was an Indian International Footballer and is considered to be one of the best defenders India has ever produced. He has represented and captained India in different international competitions including Olympics and Asian Games. He also has a record of playing for Mohun Bagan, one of the best clubs in India, for a continuous period of 19 years. He is the only Asian Footballer ever to be named among the 10 best Captains in the world by the English FA in 1953.

Dr. Talimeren Ao

Shibdas Bhaduri (Posthumous)

Padma Shri Gostha Paul (Posthumous)
Gostha Behari Paul (August 20, 1896 – April 8, 1976) was an Indian professional football player. He was born in Bhojeswar, Faridpore, Bengal Presidency (currently located in Bangladesh). He moved to Kolkata when he was an infant and lived there till his very last days.
Nicknamed as "Cheener Pracheer" (The Wall of China) he was one of the best defenders of contemporary Indian football. He started playing for Kumartuli A.C. aged 11, and joined Mohun Bagan at the age of 16. In 1921, Gostho Paul was honored with the captaincy of the Mohun Bagan football team, and he remained as the club captain for next 5 years. In 1924, he was also appointed as the captain of the Indian national football team. He retired in 1935.
He was the first Indian footballer to be honoured with the Padma Shri, on April 27, 1962.
Padma Shri Subimal (Chuni) Goswami

Umapati Kumar (Posthumous)

Dhiren Dey (Posthumous)
Mr. Dhiren Dey was one of the most eminent administrators of Mohun Bagan Athletic Club. 
He joined the cricket team of the club in 1942. In late fifties he came to the club administration and since his last breath he was deeply associated with the club administration. He was the Assistant General Secretary of Mohun Bagan from 1959 to 1977, then he became the General Secretary of the club till 1990 and then adorned the President post till his death on 19th July, 1993.
His best achievement as club administrator was perhaps organizing Club’s Platinum Jubilee on 1964. He was the chief of the Organizing Committee. On that occasion that time famous Hungarian football side Tatabania came to Kolkata to play against Mohun Bagan at Mohun Bagan ground. Famous names of World Cricket like Sir Garry Sobers, Collin Couwdrey came to play against the Indian squad captained by Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi. It was one of the biggest events occurred in India and Dhiren Dey was the backbone of that historic event. He was the main architect who brought the ‘Football King’ Pele and his team Cosmos to Kolkata in 1977 and arranged the match with Mohun Bagan. (
M.A. Sattar

Samar (Badru) Banerjee

Hiralal Mukherjee, Bhuti Sukul, Sudheer Chatterjee, Monmohan Mukherjee, Rajen Sengupta, Neelmadhav Bhattacharya, Kanu Roy, Habul Sarkar, Abhilash Ghosh, Bijoydas Bhaduri (all Posthumous)

Padma Shri Pradip Kumar (P.K.) Banerjee
Pradip Kumar Banerjee (born 23 June 1936) or PK Banerjee as he is called often, is an Indian footballer. He made 84 appearances for the India, scoring 65 goals during the course of his career. He was one of the first recipients of Arjuna Award, when the awards were instituted in 1961. He was awarded the prestigious Padma Shri in 1990 and was named Indian Footballer of the 20th century by FIFA.

Jarnail Singh (Posthumous)

Balai Das Chatterjee ( Posthumous)

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